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Your server has been lagging lately, so you send a request to your IT team to look into the issue. Your tech expert goes to the server room and instantly sees a disorganized jumble of different colored cables. It’s hard to make heads or tails of the mess, but your expert does notice one thing that sticks out – a wire that has come unplugged. But, trying to find where it originates is holding up the resolution process.

Protek Solutions knows that an organized server room is easier to navigate than a disorganized one. Our network design and installation services provide structured cabling and Wi-Fi connectivity assistance. We’ll clean up your server room and streamline your network connectivity to keep your business running at peak performance. Whether you’re looking to install a new server or clean up the organization of an existing system, we’ve got your IT covered. From managing your IT end-to-end, we ensure your equipment’s optimized from every angle. Plus, we proactively monitor your systems post-deployment to ensure your IT continues to run at optimal productivity.

Our Cyber Security Services

Benefits of Network Design & Installation

24/7 Monitoring Changes to your network can occur at any time. By proactively monitoring your network and IT infrastructure 24/7, we’ll quickly identify changes, pinpoint vulnerabilities and actively resolve them to prevent interruptions and downtime.

Strategic Roadmaps Planning for the future of your business can leave you feeling uneasy and overwhelmed. We create a strategic roadmap for your technologies – including how often to update, when to upgrade and how to meet your goals.

Update Efficiently When it’s time to update or patch your hardware, you can expect to experience interruption or downtime – but you shouldn’t have to. We seamlessly upgrade your systems with automatic updates and installations to eliminate downtime.

Post-Deployment Testing Most IT companies install your systems and forget about them. We’ve never liked that mindset, which is why we extensively test and monitor your systems post-deployment to ensure your equipment is boosting performances.

How do you know if a managed service provider is right for you? You’ve got questions – our white paper has answers.

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