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You’ve had your laptop for a while, and you know it’s been passed around the company for a couple of years before you began working. But, it’s a solid piece of hardware, and you rarely have problems with it – or had. You’re working on a project one day, and your computer suddenly shuts down. When you restart, your see the blue screen of death. Has the life of your matured computer finally met its end?

Protek Solutions understands that you’re not always ready to buy new hardware. Our computer repairs services are designed to maintain your hardware and extend the life of your technology. Whether you’re experiencing connectivity issues or unexpected restarts, we’ll pinpoint the source of your problem, fix it, test your system to proactively identify any other issues and get you back to peak productivity. While most problems can be fixed remotely, we also offer on-demand experts to assist your IT needs on-site. Don’t put up with unpredictable computers – we’ll update, monitor and maintain your hardware. And, when it’s time to put your tech to rest, we’ll help with that too.

Our Cyber Security Services

Benefits of Cloud Services

Reduced Costs Your security is essential to protecting your businesses’ and customer’s confidential data. With our cyber security solutions, we’ll help you meet compliance, prevent cyber theft and boost your organization’s reputation.

On-Demand Support Your infrastructure isn’t protected by antivirus software alone. We proactively update your systems, implement multi-layered protection and close gaps in your defenses to keep your files, confidential data and business safe.

Isolate Problems Extended downtime is detrimental to the productivity and efficiency of your business. Our cyber security solutions ensure you have the tools and resources you need to boost uptime and eliminate the risk of extended interruption.

Strategic Roadmaps Planning for the future of your business can leave you feeling uneasy and overwhelmed. We create a strategic roadmap for your technologies – including how often to update, when to upgrade and how to meet your goals.

How do you know if a managed service provider is right for you? You’ve got questions – our white paper has answers.

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