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You know that the security of your servers, network and IT structure are key to generating growth for your business and building credibility with your customers. Despite knowing this, you delay updating hardware and identifying vulnerabilities – either due to lack of resources or time. But, if you never test or assess your system, how do you know if your IT defenses are working and keeping your confidential data safe?

Protek Solutions offers a comprehensive risk and security vulnerability assessment to analyze your current infrastructure and locate gaps in your defenses. We begin by testing your system’s ability to prevent basic to complex threats, and then we update your servers, network, computers and other tech-related hardware and software. Once completed, we’ll create a concise, easy-to-read report demonstrating areas for improvement and status of your infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your existing systems or implement extra layers of security, we’ll help you with the next steps by installing, testing, monitoring and managing your solutions.

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Benefits of a Security Vulnerability Assessment

Pinpoint Vulnerabilities Knowing the status of your IT is only half the battle. We provide real-time data, so you can identify problem areas and implement solutions designed to boost your defenses and keep your confidential information protected.

Real-Time Reports Making changes without knowing if what you’re doing is protecting your data can be disheartening. Our assessment provides real-time reporting and analytics to keep track of your progress and suggest areas for improvement.

Peace of Mind Threats from cyber criminals, natural disasters and employee accidents cause stress and frustration. We return your mind to its happy place with security solutions designed to enhance reliability and erase your worries.

Prioritized Risks It can be overwhelming to see a list of your system’s risks – especially if you’ve never assessed your security solutions before. Our security assessment provides a list of vulnerabilities and prioritizes them based on severity.

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