Alleviate Your Risk of Security Breaches

You understand the importance of meeting compliance standards, so you do all you can to meet regulations. But, HIPAA standards have recently changed – is your business still compliant? You need help understanding the changes but – more importantly – you need evidence that your infrastructure is following the new rules. Do you have the documentation necessary to avoid noncompliance fines?

Protek Solutions gives you the tools you need to track incidents in real-time and meet compliance standards. Our SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions monitor your digital activity, store that data to prevent threats and generate readable reports that can be submitted for compliance standards. As your SIEM solution records more activity, recognizes patterns and vulnerabilities. But, the system’s assistance doesn’t end there. It closes gaps in your security and resolves problems before you even know that they exist. Whether you need to improve your defenses or submit your report to meet compliances, our SIEM solution keeps you protected.

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Benefits of SIEM Solutions

Multi-Layered Security Your infrastructure isn’t protected by antivirus software alone. We proactively update your systems, implement multi-layered protection and close gaps in your defenses to keep your files, confidential data and business safe.

Prioritized Risks Having a list of risks and vulnerabilities is a great starting point – but now what? Our SIEM services track your events and prioritize them based on your criteria to help you resolve high priority items first instead of by occurrence.

Proactive Resolution Recognizing threats is worthless if you’re not doing anything with the information. With SIEM systems, the longer you use the hardware, the more likely the system will find gaps, close them and prevent threats before they occur.

Court-Approved Reports You spend hours interpreting data in preparation for meeting compliance standards. SIEM systems make it easier by analyzing and interpreting data automatically, then printing your information into a readable report.

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