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Deadlines are coming up, and you’re looking through the compliance reports to see where your organization stands. To your dismay, you realize there are more gaps in your security than you previously believed. Not only is your patients’ confidential data at risk, but you notice files are missing or damaged. With fines costing $100-50,000 per incident, can your organization survive the compliance hit?

Protek Solutions knows meeting compliance standards is essential to building credibility and keeping your business’ doors open. That’s why we offer HIPAA compliance and cyber security services designed to keep your patient’s data protected and meet ever-changing standards and regulations. We begin by evaluating your current IT infrastructure and locating gaps in your defenses. Then we deploy solutions designed to close those gaps and eliminate vulnerabilities. With 24/7 monitoring and proactive maintenance, we’ll provide your business with the tools and resources you need to understand compliance regulations, meet them and keep your patients’ confidential information safe.

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Benefits of HIPAA Compliance

Save Money Noncompliance fines are expensive, and a majority of business’ fined close their doors within two years. We prevent your organization from experiencing noncompliance hardships by ensuring you meet compliance standards every time.

Protect Data Your security is essential to protecting your businesses’ and patients’ confidential data. With our cyber security solutions, we’ll help you meet compliance, prevent cyber theft and boost your organization’s reputation.

Real-Time Reporting Part of meeting compliance is keeping detailed reports of information exchanged and authorized users. That’s why we provide real-time reporting and analytics to track your digital footprint and meet compliance reporting regulations.

Authorized Users Keeping your patients’ confidential data safe requires limiting the number of authorized users allowed to see private information. We help restrict your users by streamlining your process and giving access to the team members necessary.

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