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You’re traveling to a conference, and it requires you to work remotely. You have your company laptop and connect to the public Wi-Fi at the local airport before pulling your project from the server. But, a cyber criminal has hacked the public network and is looking to steal any and all private information. Now they have access to your business’ entire infrastructure, and your customer’s data is at risk.

Protek Solutions believes you should be able to work from anywhere and everywhere with an Internet connection. Our endpoint protection services help you securely connect to your virtual server without risk of hackers and other cyber criminals stealing your confidential information. From your mobile devices to your laptops, we deploy multi-layered security solutions to all of your endpoints, so whether you’re working from home, an airport or your favorite coffee spot your device is protected. With the advancement of technology, we know that having the flexibility to work from anywhere is a must-have feature for any business. That’s why we secure your mobile devices to enhance your ability to work remotely.

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Benefits of Endpoint Protection

Proactive Updates Outdated technology is one of the leading causes of data breaches. We prevent the risk of breaches by updating and patching your hardware, scheduling routine updates and maintenance and closing gaps in your security.

Risk Training Knowing what Wi-Fi networks to connect to and how to recognize threats is essential to preventing breaches. We train your team on business and security best practices to ensure your systems are protected from external risks.

Credibility Your security is essential to protecting your businesses’ and customer’s confidential data. With our cyber security solutions, we’ll help you meet compliance, prevent cyber theft and boost your organization’s reputation.

24/7 Monitoring You can’t identify gaps in your security if you never look for vulnerabilities. We proactively monitor your systems 24/7 to locate gaps, close them and manage your multi-layered security solutions to keep your technology secure.

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