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You’re ready to integrate new servers that alleviate storage bandwidth and streamline your system’s performance. But, additional physical servers are expensive, so you’ve been looking into virtual cloud storage. You send the request to your existing tech team, but they’re currently overwhelmed and estimate that the migration will take weeks with occasional downtime being imminent. You need a better solution.

Protek Solutions  streamlines your migration process with reliable deployment solutions designed to minimize risks associated with transferring data and reduce migration wait times. As your comprehensive or additional tech team, we’ll relieve the stress of migrating servers, data, applications and more. Whether your business is growing and you need help moving and installing servers to a new office location, or you’re implementing new software that requires installation to every company computer, we’ll quickly and efficiently migrate and deploy your solutions and services. Then, we’ll test your systems to ensure everything was migrated successfully and is working at peak performance.

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Benefits of Migration & Deployment Solutions

Streamlined Transfers Migrating your confidential data comes with a variety of risks – including data loss, theft and damage. We eliminate the risks associated with transferring your data by securely migrating your files and testing operations.

Proven Results Most IT experts take days, weeks or even months to migrate your critical data – all the while you’re losing valuable time. Our migration and deployment process is proven to quickly transfer data and keep it secure for a better experience.

Improved ROI Slow migrations cause your workflow to come to a standstill. We quickly and efficiently migrate your files, data, servers, and other applications to eliminate extended downtime and get you back to serving your customers.

24/7 Monitoring While some companies set it and forget it, we know that issues can occur at any time during the deployment process. That’s why we monitor your systems 24/7 to ensure you never experience extended downtime and tech-related frustrations.

How do you know if a managed service provider is right for you? You’ve got questions – our white paper has answers.

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