Let’s Resolve Your Unique Challenges

Your industry is full of challenges, from meeting deadlines and compliance standards to reducing costs of hardware, software, telecomm and network solutions. You know reliable technology streamlines workflow and productivity, but the realities of your IT solutions don’t always correspond to your expectations. You need a strategic partner that understands the IT industry as well as they know the construction vertical.

Protek Solutions relieves your technology problems by analyzing your current services and suggesting solutions designed to fit your needs better. Whether you’re experiencing extended downtime, overdue deadlines, missed opportunities or expensive compliance fines, we’ll deploy services with your business challenges in mind. We believe your business deserves more than Band-Aid fixes, so we offer services designed to boost productivity, optimize your workflow and cushion your budget. Our construction IT support services close the gaps in your security, help you meet safety standards, streamline your collaboration and provide comprehensive, tailored solutions to help grow your business.

Benefits of Construction IT Support

Mobility & Flexibility Your business requires you to work while on-the-go, but does your technology make it easy? We’ll integrate scalable and mobile solutions including Office 365 – easing your ability to work remotely.

Strategic Roadmaps It’s difficult to determine how the services you need can integrate into your daily operations. We help you create a strategic roadmap, so you know exactly how to achieve your goals and how our solutions help you get there.

Stored Data You need access to your crucial information from anywhere. Our cloud services – like virtualization and email hosting – give you the tools you need to access critical files, customer information and other data from your virtual storage.

Seamless Communications Whether you’re on the job or working from the office, you need to be able to communicate with your team. Our VoIP phone solutions keep your team connected by offering a virtual calling system.

IT Solutions for Your Day-to-Day Challenges

How do you know if a managed service provider is right for you? You’ve got questions – our white paper has answers.

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